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Financial Readiness Program (FRP)


Want to take charge of your finances? The Army's Financial Readiness Program (FRP) and Consumer Advocacy Services can help with comprehensive educational and counseling programs. Learn about debt, consumer advocacy and protection, money management, credit, financial planning, insurance, and consumer issues. Through classroom training and individual counseling, participants can learn how to save and invest money, establish savings goals, eliminate debt, and save for emergencies.


We offer:

  • Financial Readiness Program (FRP). FRP provides comprehensive educational and counseling programs in personal financial readiness. The program covers indebtedness, consumer advocacy and protection, money management, credit, financial planning, insurance, and consumer issues. Other services offered include mandatory financial literacy, financial planning for transitioning Soldiers, financial counseling for deployed Soldiers and their Families, and the Department of Defense Family Subsistence Supplemental Allowance Program.
  • Army Emergency Relief (AER). AER is the US Army's own nonprofit organization dedicated to alleviating financial distress in the force. AER provides grants and zero-interest loans to active-duty and retired Soldiers and their Families. AER has supported over 4 million Soldiers since 1942. AER offices are conveniently located at installations around the world. Visit to learn more.
  • Online Support and Education. Go to Financial Frontline for self-service financial literacy education and help.


Here are some other financial resources for Soldiers and their Families:

(Government Links)

  • Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). The TSP is a federal government-sponsored retirement savings and investment plan available to both federal civilian employees and members of the uniformed services. The TSP offers the same type of savings and tax benefits that many private corporations offer their employees under 401(k) plans. The retirement income a TSP account provides will depend on working-year contributions and the earnings on those contributions. Learn more at the official Thrift Savings Plan website.


(Non-Government Links, No Endorsement Implied)

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) Military Line. The BBB Military Line provides free resources to our military communities in the areas of financial literacy and consumer protection through the efforts of 112 BBBs across the US. Visit the BBB Military Line to learn more.


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The Financial Readiness Program helps educate service members about personal financial management. Consumer assistance is offered in cases involving conflict with local businesses. In all cases, counseling is provided on an individual and confidential basis.

ACS Financial Services is now offering VIRTUAL counseling and seminars!


with Colleen and Leary

Dates: Wednesday - Friday
Time: Noon - 1 p.m.

Login and listen to our Financial Readiness Program Counselors, Leary and Colleen, as they host dynamic discussions of current events, financial topics, take your requests and questions, and engage the audience.  This is an opportunity to listen in as your schedule allows.

May Lunch & Learn Topics below.
Registration is not required and all classes are free!

Week 1

  • Wed 5/3 - Disaster Preparedness: This workshop will be an open discussion.
  • Thu 5/4 - Life Insurance: This seminar discusses how to make informed choices when selecting insurance products and how you can best manage risk, safeguard wealth and protect your assets.
  • Fri 5/5 - Military OneSource: This seminar will help you navigate the Military OneSource site and will provide resources and tools to help service members and families and assist service providers in their important roles of support.

Week 2

  • Wed 5/10 - Saving and Investing: This seminar will identify reasons to save and how to set up goals for a saving plan. Participants will explore the difference between short term savings and long-term investments.
  • Thu 5/11 - Diversifying Your Portfolio: This seminar will discuss what it means to diversify your portfolio and how to choose among different investments that react to market conditions.
  • Fri 5/12 -  Estate Planning: Estate planning for all. Believe it or not, you have an estate. This seminar will discuss Powers of Attorney, Wills and Trusts, and Digital Estate topics. We will focus on tips and tools to get and stay organized with all your estate planning needs.

Week 3

  • Wed 5/17 - Stretching Your Money: This workshop provides tips on living within your means and developing a viable spending plan.
  • Thu 5/18 - Marriage & Finances: Marriage is not only a meaningful commitment to your partner but also a financial commitment. Financial stressors can play a big role in a marriage, if you let it get out of control. This seminar will provide tips and tools to help you minimize the stress and optimize your finances for married life! Seminar topics include Communication, Administrative Tasks, Financial Planning, Insurance, Legal Documents and Taxes.
  • Fri 5/19 - Divorce & Finances: The financial effects of divorce are stressful! The goal of this class is to help reduce uncertainty associated with the financial aspects of divorce. We’ll share information to help you make smart, informed financial decisions so you can emerge from your divorce with greater financial confidence.

Week 4

  • Wed 5/24 - Preparing Your Finances for the Next Big Event: We will provide strategies to help you financially plan for those major events or for the next big holiday.
  • Thu 5/25 - Planning Your Financial Future: This seminar focuses on financial goal setting.
  • Fri 5/26 -  Shedding the Debt Weight: Learn strategies that help you attack debt head-on, reduce the debt weight and achieve financial freedom.

Week 5

  • Wed 5/31 - Understanding Credit Cards: This seminar will help you in understanding the different types of credit cards the financial benefits and pitfalls of using a credit card.

June Lunch & Learn Topics below.
Registration is not required and all classes are free!

Week 1

  • Thu 6/1 - TSP Web Walkthrough: In this seminar we will explore the TSP website.
  • Fri 6/2 - Banking & Checking: This seminar explains how to choose financial services and institutions to meet your needs. Basic information on banking and checking accounts and other financial services will be provided.

Week 2

  • Wed 6/7 - Security Implications of Financial Mismanagement: This seminar discusses financial mismanagement, ethics, and security clearances.
  • Thu 6/8 - Paying For College: Learn tips and tools to help you find ways to offset the cost of college! This seminar will discuss different types of educational benefits for the military and financial aid for you and your children, including scholarship opportunities and college savings plans.
  • Fri 6/9 -  Saving With Pollution Prevention: Being environmentally conscious can benefit our nation, our planet, and our wallets. This seminar explains how simple behavioral changes and habits can help ensure a “green” future (environmentally and financially) for everyone.

Week 3

  • Wed 6/14 - Maryland ABLE Accounts: This seminar will assist people with disabilities and their families prepare for the future using ABLE Accounts. Join us to learn about eligibility, criteria, enrollment process, features of the Maryland ABLE account and the account management process.
  • Thu 6/15 - Consumer Awareness: This seminar introduces consumer rights as stipulated by Federal and State laws. Topics include specific rights for Service Members and the steps to take if you fall victim to predatory financial practices.
  • Fri 6/16 - Renting: Join us and learn about the process of renting and how to best prepare to become a renter. We will discuss the importance of credit, effective communication tips to use with landlords and what your rights are under Fair Housing Laws.

Week 4

  • Wed 6/21 - Home Buying - Part 1: A house is one of the most complicated and expensive purchases you will ever make. This presentation provides an overview of the home buying and mortgage process.
    Topics include:
    - Determining Whether the Time is Right to Purchase A Home
    - Determining What You Can Afford
    - Choosing A Lender and Loan
    - Selecting A Real Estate Agent
    - Negotiating
    - Closing the Deal
  • Thu 6/22 - Home Buying - Mortgage Process: This seminar will discuss how to choose mortgage lenders when home buying. We will share information about mortgages and discuss which lenders and banks offer the best home mortgage loans and interest rates.
  • Fri 6/23 -  Home Selling: This seminar covers everything from staging to settlement. Learn to prepare and stage your home, gather the necessary documents and understand the process from hanging the "For Sale" sign to settlement day!

Week 5

  • Wed 6/28 - Are you ready for Retirement?: This seminar offers important retirement information and provides useful insights to people who are planning for retirement, and those already retired who are rethinking their retirement finances.
  • Thu 6/29 - Debt Elimination: Learn how to identify your debt-to-income ratio and establish an effective power pay plan for debt elimination. This seminar will show you practical steps for identifying and prioritizing debt, reducing expenses, recognizing budget-busting behaviors, and speeding up the repayment of debts.
  • Fri 6/30 - The Three-Legged Stool & Your Finances: In this seminar we will discuss the three most common sources of retirement income: Social Security, Employee Pensions and Personal Savings.

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