Tandem Skydiving

Date: Aug 14 2020

Outdoor Recreation (ODR) - Camp Nainhof H15 Hohenfels 92366 Google Map

Imagine doing something that you never expected. Walking out to a plane, loading and traveling up to 14,000 ft. above the Earth’s surface. The door opens and everything below is too small for you to recognize. Freefall for approximately 54 seconds at a speed of 120 MPH. Under canopy, enjoy the beautiful views offered only in Bavaria and steer alongside your Tandem-Master as you make your descent back to the drop-zone. Skydiving is one of those things you should definitely add to the bucket list!

Photos, video and other souvenirs are available directly from the drop-zone at an additional cost. Call for details. 


$279/person up to 197 lbs.

$309/person 198 to 220 lbs.

Registration Info

Transportation from Rose Barracks and Tower Barracks also provided.

Stop by or call Hohenfels Outdoor Recreation to register today!